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What would become possible if you would live from a state of


Hello beautiful being,
I'm Jona!

Coach for sexual healing 
and feminine empowerment.

I support conscious women like you to overcome shame, heal through pleasure and step into your most awakened, powerful self! 

Do you at times feel like something is "off"?

Do you feel that there is supposed to be more to life and sexuality?

Maybe you sense some kind of blockages in your sexuality?

Or feel something holding you back from fulfilling your potential and living your soul's mission?


You might not be able to put your finger on it, but you know something is “off”?

Do you sometimes find yourself in situations you don't know how to get out of?

You say yes when you really want to say no?


Would you love to look in the mirror and simply love yourself?

Are you done staying stuck in a story and are ready to go from shame to shine?

Working with me, Pleasure will be your Medicine.

Feel safe in your body, trust yourself and feel confident in any adventure.


Feel deeply supported in your transformational journey.


Leave behind any victim mentality and reclaim your power.


Own your desires, become unapologetic, feel sexy and juicy in YOUR own way.


Invite pleasure into your spiritual practice.


Tap into your inner guidance and unleash your abundant and true self.


Live and serve from a state of fulfillment, ease and pleasure.


Free yourself from shame and silence.


Become unapologetic about shining your light.


Heal through pleasure and let the magic ripple out into all areas of your life.

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"If you want to be of help to others, be as TAPPED IN, TUNED IN and TURNED ON as you can possibly be!"

Abraham Hicks

About Jona

Being born into a preachers family, we didn't really talk about sex or relationships. I always felt a lot of shame around these topics.

As a young woman I found myself in a place with so much pain and suffering that I didn't want to live anymore. I faced so much loneliness and struggled with the fear that life would never feel good again. 

I got confronted with my victim mentality and realized I had to make a choice.

My journey through my fears and shame led me to experience a next level spiritual awakening!

During a decade of healing and self development, I have overcome depression, trauma and experienced a profound transformation in my own sexuality. 

I now stand on the other side with my sexual freedom, a healed feminine wound and shine with the joy of life!

Now I want to support you in taking this transformational journey!

After supporting hundreds of women to overcome shame and fears, become unapologetic and live the freaking life of their dreams, I have become an expert in this field and a dedicated empowerment coach! 

I am certified as a healer, sexological bodyworker/ somatic sex educator, trauma therapist and am in shamanic training. 

I am committed to supporting women
heal their wounds, claim their power and collectively RISE! 

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Harness the Power of divine Sexuality, which we have been denied for centuries.

The women I am working with

are coaches, healers and creators 
(aka. conscious leaders like you)
are already on the path of self healing and growth
appreciate a trauma sensitive and joyful approach

ready to alchemize sexuality and spirituality
are adventurous and not afraid of their own darkness
have a ‘fuck YES’ in their heart to live life fully
take responsibility for their development and their emotions
are rising to be the powerful Queens they really are!


"Jona helped me dissolve limiting beliefs and reconnect with my desires and sexual energy!"

"Jona has an intense power to help one relax, to make every step clear and simple, accompanying my growth with love, competence and vibrant joy. 
What are you waiting for? Text her!"




"Before the session I felt stuck - 
after it I was in total FLOW."


After our last call I felt SO much relief and so much love and space for my inner child. 
Because of this shift I was able to pick up my work and DOUBLE my Creativity; I was able to do ALL the tasks  and I did it FAST."

"I recommend Jona to all the women who are ready to Step the F*** Up!"


Laura Van Gompel.jpg

"I had such a big shift already after my first  session with Jona!!" 

"Wow, it was like many pieces of my sexual trauma fall together and I feel so much more free and loving to myself." 


SARAH BYRDEN - Jona Berchner.jpg

"It's not about learning something new - it's about


Sarah Byrden

How does it work?

I spent the last year building this VIP Mentoring Program  where I not only share the most powerful and life-changing tools, exercises and mindset-hacks, which healed my sexuality and transformed my life, but also provide the deep support on your personal journey that you deserve.

That´s why I can´t wait to share this with you! 

Click the link below and sign up for a free call with me.

Pleasure is available in every Moment, every Breath, every Heartbeat.

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